OH & S Policy

Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Pure Cleaning has developed a strong, safety-oriented culture built around our OH&S and QA systems. Our approach focuses on a preventative approach to work related incidents and is based on (and compliant with) ‘Occupational Health & Safety policy management systems – Specification with guidance for use’ and AS/NZ 4804 ‘Occupational Health & Safety systems – General guidelines on principles, systems and supporting techniques’.

Key features of Pure Cleaning cultural belief system are:

· Zero tolerance to unsafe conditions and acts

· Risk assessment forms the basis of our business plans

· Toolbox Safety Meetings and Toolbox Safety Talks reinforce our systems in the workplace

· Safety training is recognised as standard in our service delivery process

As part of Pure Cleaning members training program, each service provider is trained in:

· Manual handling / lifting

· Risk identification / management

· Accident precaution / reporting processes

· Safety concepts 

In addition, each employee is trained in first aid through St John Ambulance Service. We place particular emphasis on the safe use, handling, storing and transporting of plant and chemicals for office cleaning services.