We only use non toxic products

Cleaning with toxins isn’t really cleaning

Chemical residues from conventional cleaning products cling to surfaces and linger in the air. Since most of us spend 90% of our time indoors, we breathe in more of these chemicals than we think.

Pure Cleaning's non-chemical approach helps eliminate chemicals that can cause allergies – residues – including harsh bleaches and detergents – that’s why it is so much healthier, especially for children.

Pure Cleaning a different kind of clean – really clean, without side effects or potentially harmful chemicals.

  • Superior to other eco friendly cleaning products in both efficacy and non-toxicity
  • Zero negative effect to the environment
  • Never tested on animals
  • Equipped with HEPA filter that removes 99.9% of all harmful airborne particles, microscopic particles and allergens.
  • Approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia (NACA), SENSITIVE CHOICE PROGRAM as products that reduce the triggers of asthma and allergies.
  • Decrease dust, noise emissions, energy usage and cleaning solution waste, and vastly improving the Indoor Air Quality
  • An organic formulation of plant based surfactants derived from natural ingredients. All our products are free from acids, caustics, bleach and sodium laurel sulphate. All our products are completely biodegradable and NEVER tested on animals.

Non Toxic cleaning products, office cleaning services

Non Toxic cleaning products, office cleaning services