Office Cleaning


Main entrance area will include:

· Clean the Glass entry doors

· Wipe doors

· Vacuum & mop floors

· Dust TV screens

The hallway & Reception desk area will include:

· Vacuum carpet Mop tiled floors

· Dust & wipe down reception desk

· Dust down all electrical equipment

· Remove rubbish & replace with new bin liners

Cleaning of Office rooms & workstations will include:

· Spot clean the desks (unoccupied)

· Dust chairs

· Dust picture frames

· Disinfect telephones

· Dust all electrical equipment

· Empty rubbish bins & replace with new bin liners

· Spot clean glass windows & petitions

· Vacuum all carpet

· Spray and wipe cupboards

· Wipe down all clear surfaces

· Wipe clean light switches


Cleaning of Boardroom & meeting rooms will include

· Spray and Wipe tables

· Wipe & Dust chairs

· Vacuum carpet

· Spot clean doors & petitions

· Wipe doors and frames

· Remove rubbish

· Tidy up room

· Wipe clean light switches

Cleaning of the kitchen will include:

· Clean & polish sink and taps

· Spray and wipe bench tops

· Clean microwave (internal & external)

· Wipe the cupboards (external)

· Replace bin liners and remove rubbish

· Clean fridge (external)

· Sweep & Mop floors

· Remove scuff marks from all floors

The cleaning on a weekly basis will include:

· Dust skirting boards

· Spray and wipe cupboards

· Spot clean all glass windows and doors

· Wash out and wipe down fridges

The cleaning on a monthly basis will include:

· Dust all high areas

Wipe down all door frames