Commercial Cleaning Services



In our company quality is the responsibility of every person we employ. This means every person in every facility we clean is involved in quality inspections. 

Quality Assurance Systems

The Pure Cleaning quality assurance system is the perfect tool that is developed to get efficiently clean organizations. Elements that are being involved in this system for the effective output are:- 

· Occupational health and safety

· Hazard and risk assessment

· Human resource management

· Environmental management

Pure Cleaning's commitment is to get the perfect outcomes For office cleaning, Commercial Cleaning or Stratal cleaners are the best who suit the needs of an individual's accordingly. The commercial cleaners are trained to deal with the worst unhygienic conditions. These cleaners completely clear up the mess and exhilarate a new environment to maintain good health for the employees at the working place.

Office Cleaning and commercial cleaning indicates cleaning up of offices, multiplex, shopping complexes, retail outlets, industrial outlets etc. The cleanliness and the hygienic surrounding allure crowd and common people to such place of interest and entertainment; this in turns brings business to these malls and retails shops.

Scheduled and unscheduled checks are done to keep the hygienic measures under check through Quality Control Inspections, Management of Quality Assurance System and Service Reviews. 

We use some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the management of our contract. Some of the KPIs that are used are:


Compliance-Performance against a particular contract.

Safety Measures- medical injuries, lost time injuries, safety audits and records of incidents.

Service- Provided to the customer- Time to rectify flaws, formal meetings with the clients, complaints registered from a customer’s part and survey results showing the customer’s satisfaction.

Pure Cleaning has newly introduced a “Cleaners Communication Book” which helps in a two way communication between the client and the staff. Pure Cleaning is at your hands reach. One can register very easily and take their help. Pure Cleaning also helps community in providing more materials and also checks out the proper functioning of building issues like light facility, minor faults etc. The Cleaners Communication Book becomes a very proper source to get the clear idea of the client’s satisfaction regarding a sudden work that is being performed. This also gives the chance to improve and rectify the mistakes. 

A prompt and smart response and a quick action is taken up so that the client gets quick and proper satisfaction as soon as possible. Employees on large number are available to form a team so that they can serve properly at an emergency situation on a short notice.

Pure Cleaning targets for the “continuous improvement” in their work by providing better and reliable services, pocket friendly prices to get in good touch with the clients. Pure Cleaning has is experienced and efficient in their work and is the reliable sources to opt for.

Recycling Program

Pure Cleaning can create a hassle-free recycling program that’s designed to improve your workplace environment. There are numerous benefits in having an effective recycling program in your workplace, these include:


  • Improving your company’s image
  • Improving staff moral, and
  • Reducing the cost of waste disposal.